Era 1 A's B's & Rarities - Chris Rea

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Fool (If You Think It's Over) (Edited Version) (00:03:37)
Midnight love (00:03:10)
Voy a volverme loco (Fool If You Think It's Over) (Spanish Language Version) (00:04:25)
Whatever happened to Benny Santini? (00:04:23)
Three angels (00:03:28)
Diamonds (00:03:52)
Cleveland calling (00:03:42)
Raincoat and a rose (00:04:08)
No Qualifications (00:02:20)
Tennis (Edited And Remixed Version) (00:04:05)
If you really love me (00:03:11)
Dancing girls (00:03:44)
Friends across the water (00:03:48)
Ya no te veo nunca mas (Since I Don't See You Anymore) (Spanish Language Version) (00:03:44)
Loving you (00:03:49)
Let me be the one (00:03:46)
Diamonds (12'' Version) (00:04:53)
Do you still dream? (1981 Version) (00:04:12)
Loving you (1981 Version) (00:03:55)
One fine day (00:04:06)
One sweet and tender touch (00:04:44)
If I ever break free (00:03:00)
Sierra Sierra (00:04:15)
Members only (00:03:24)
Let me be the one (1981 Version) (00:03:25)
One night with you (00:04:29)
Every beat of my heart (00:03:23)
Don't look back (00:03:50)
Let it loose (00:03:38)
Urban samurai (00:04:33)
Let it loose (Special Extended Remix) (00:05:45)
Sierra Sierra (00:05:40)
I can hear your heartbeat (00:03:30)
From love to love (00:03:33)
I can hear your heartbeat (Special Extended Mix) (00:05:55)
Love's strange ways (00:03:40)
Smile (00:03:32)
I don't know what it is but I love it (00:03:42)
Mystery man (00:03:25)
I don't know what it is but I love it (Special Extended Version) (00:05:27)
Bombollini (00:06:10)
True love (00:03:44)
Touche d'armour (00:03:22)
Ace of hearts (Special Remix) (00:03:55)
Excerpts from "I can hear your heartbeat" (Live At Montreux) (00:07:03)
Auf Immer und Ewig (00:04:41)
Bitter sweet (00:01:08)
Touche d'amour (Instrumental) (00:03:43)
Touche d'amour (Special Extended Remix) (00:06:12)
Ace of hearts (Special Remix) (00:06:37)
Let it loose / I can hear your heartbeat / I don't know what It is but I love it (Special Edition 12'' Medley) (00:07:25)